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World Machine works well with our proprietary terrain editor in that we can not only create height maps, but alphas for our terrain paint layers as well. This saves a bundle of time and with results that look more detailed and professional An easy way to make a planet is to use a giant cube where each side of the cube is a separate quadtree of terrain patches. To turn the cube spherical, you normalize the vertex positions and then multiply by the radius + height at that vertex. Instead, you could just use a flat plane of terrain. Do whatever you want http://terrain.party/. Came across this on a Facebook group post. Basically it will generate any a height map for anywhere in the world. and export it as a png. In the Terrain editor just load the image and copy and paste before hitting apply. Also you may want to increase the terrain resolution

Currently there are 2 options for a heightmap customization: apply/create a template or paint the map manually using the free draw brushes. From my point of view there is too much work to draw a whole map manually, so the proposed use case is a template creation and using brushed only for a fine-tuning and separate features adding To create a terrain with the 3D Map Generator a grayscale heightmap is required. That can be an existing height map from outside sources, a heightmap created with the plugin or real world locations from the online Heightmap Browser. For creating your own heightmap there are extensive tools available in the panel Height Map Generator. http://hme.sourceforge.net/ Terrain map generator Height Map Editor edits, generates, and manipulates terrain height maps. These can be used in terrain renderers, which are used in games, applications, and demos. The program itself is small (the entire distribution is smaller than 400 Kb) but it can work with maps up to 10000x10000. Features include 16 levels of zoom, the ability to sink, smooth, or rise the terrain, the ability to put your own objects (ie volcanos. Height Map Editor is a program meant for editing, generating and manipulating height maps (terrains) that can be used in terrain rendering engines, or even as clouds. Apache OpenOffice The free and Open Source productivity suit


Create your own Heightmap To create a terrain with the 3D Map Generator a grayscale heightmap is required. That can be existing height maps from outside sources, with the plugin created heightmaps or real world locations from Tangram Heightmapper. For creating your own heightmap there are extensive tools available in the panel Google Map Generator - Maps Generator for Website (Free) ll Google Map Generator - Get your own Google Map with two clicks Type in your Title & Address, copy the HTML-Code Paste the Code to your Website. Finished

Cities: Skylines | online heightmap generator. longitude: °. latitude: °. min. height: mtr Find it on Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/cubetutorial Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator and Editor. Сlick the arrow button for options. Zoom in to see the map in detail Use powerful selectors, blend-maps, and masks, that you can paint directly in the 3D view and immediately see the results in real-time on the final terrain. World Creator even has a highly flexible flow-map generator integrated that can be utilized by every single texture, color, and gradient, during the texturing and coloring process, in real. Online NormalMap Generator FREE! Create a Normalmap directly inside your browser! No Uploads required, completely client-base


  1. Hme - Height Map Editor Hme is a 2D program, used for creating, manipulating and viewing height maps. A height map is a 2D representation of a 3D terrain. Each 'color' represents a height. Anyway, if you are reading this page, I assume you do have a good idea about what height maps really are, so I won't go in further details explaining it. Point is, so far, I never seen a GOOD terrain editor.
  2. This tutorial will explain how to create a height map from elevation data of real life places in the world. This can be used for creating worlds that are based on real locations. 1 Downloading the height map from terrain.party 2 Formatting the file 2.1 Resizing the image 2.2 Converting the image to 16 bit PNG 3 Loading the height map in CAW The website terrain.partywas primarily designed for.
  3. How To Create A 3d Terrain With Google Maps And Height Maps In Photoshop - 3d Map Generator Terrain - YouTube. Write Quickly and Confidently | Grammarly

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  1. Cities: Skyline height map generator. A accurate heightmap generator for Cities: Skylines. Application: https://cities.heightmap.space. Objective. The goal is to get a accurate height map for Cities: Skyline. Current features. Height resolution 0.1 meters (cities resolution = 0.015 meters at 1:1 scale). Easy to use interface. takes a 18 x 18 km square from a map. Can produce png and raw images.
  2. Create a stunning interactive maps with simple-to-use user interface. Save it as image or JavaScript code for easy publishing on your own website
  3. How to Get a Heightmap Into the Map Editor [] Easy []. terrain.party lets you move a box around the Earth and quickly extract a heightmap, ready for import, from some pretty-good data sources. (there was problems with generating heighmaps recently ) . cs.heightmap.skydark.pl | Online heightmap generator - alternative to terrain party. Original by JBerg60, currently maintained by sysoppl
  4. Online heightmap generator for Cities: Skylines Check it: https://cs.heightmap.skydark.pl. Original text by original author below. Objective. The goal is to get a accurate height map for Cities: Skylines. Features. height resolution 0.1 meters (cities resolution = 0.015 meters at 1:1 scale) easy to use interface; takes a 18 x 18 km square from.
  5. Most of these maps are so big, that some small part is enough for scenery. World machine is very cool, but it is something to learn, you need some time, before result is like you want. Dogsofknowledge November 24, 2015, 12:30pm #9. zeOrb;425465: Um, you have to bake your 16M mesh into heightmap and then import it in UE4. The same pipeline applies to World Machine or basically any software for.
  6. In this post, I'll give a broad overview on the height map generation process used so far in Simurillion. The approach is based on the resources I've listed in the last blog post, so you might want to check that as well.. I'm using Kurt Spencer's OpenSimplex noise as the base function. As far as I'm concerned the function is a black box that returns a smooth value between -1 and 1.

EarthSculptor is a realtime terrain height-map editor and paint program featuring an easy to use interface designed exclusively for rapid development of 3D landscapes for visualization, multimedia and game development: Features. Fast 3D hardware accelerated terrain rendering ; Automatic lighting and shadow map rendering; High resolution Light, Color and Detail texture maps; Terraform and paint. Save Contour Map as an SVG file. If you want to have the contour maps as an individual layer (e.g. to create overlays) you can copy the code underneath the image below and save it as an svg file. Please note, as for now, the drawing below is square and you may want to stretch it to cover the actual area in a map

function addIsland() { // locate start polygon as closest to mouse point var point = d3.mouse(this), start = diagram.find(point[0], point[1]).index, // get options from inputs height= heightInput.valueAsNumber, radius = radiusInput.valueAsNumber, queue = []; polygons[start].height = height; polygons[start].used = 1; queue.push(start); for (i = 0; i < queue.length && height > 0.01; i++) { height *= radius; polygons[queue[i]].neighbors.forEach(function(e) { if (!polygons[e].used. 1: Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator. Azgaar's Fantasy Map generator is great for designing & generating worldmaps, region names and much more, but it also allows you to transform your worldmap into both a height and colourmap! Once you're on the website, you'll see a worldmap pre-generated. If it's a map you think you'll start using, then perfect! Otherwise, make sure to chec There are a few different stages to the generator. height-map of the terrain, and do things like routing water flow over the Then we can render the 'physical' portion of the map. place cities and 'regions' on the map, and place their labels HeightMap Generation: Map Size: Map width and height in tiles, defaults to 2048. (Deliverance sized maps are 2048, Independance sized maps are 4096, Xanadu sized maps are 8192). Seed: Seed used to randomize heightmap generation. #: Automatically generate a new seed. Res: Resolution of the heightmap. Higher numbers for large land mass, smaller numbers for smaller islands and archipelagos. Select an area and generate a customized 3D map. Export to glTF for 3d print, offline & mobile viewer, integrate on your website..

This map generator creates volcanic island style maps. The simplest way to explore the maps is to click the plus/minus arrows to change the Seed. Try clicking on the Seed input box and hold down the Up arrow key to quickly scan many different island shapes. Can you find an ice lake? They're rare at the default temperature. You can right-click on the map to save a higher resolution image, or. World Creator uses what is called the 'Isoline Tool', in which the user can set height maps anywhere and simply fill in the rest with desired points of either their peaks or valleys. Not only that, but we are treated to some stunning effects like, (my favorite), water erosion, lakes, rivers, it does it all Babylon.js Height Map Generator - GitHub Page This website is allows you to pick any region of the world and print its high points in artistic, joyful manner This is a free procedural world map generator, used for generating a pixel-art world and populating it with different areas / civilizations, one pixel at a time. It's meant as a tool for quick worldbuilding map creation- be it for tabletop RPG games (such as D&D) and game masters, as inspiration for more detailed maps for artists, or just for fun. As a visual template for worldbuilding, or as.

This map generator is one of my personal favorites. There are so many options that can be done with the latest version of this map generator. The generator is controlled by a toolbox can do many different things such as use texture, show the heights on the continents, show the biomes of each area of the world. It can also show religion spread, states and borders as well as populations, icons, roads and rivers Artificial Terrain Generation. Problem: when you get very close to a terrain heightfield, it looks unrealistically flat . Synthetic Heightfield Detail. one solution: generate a seeded random perturbation, to give the height map some high-frequency detail; many games have used this approach, such as Joint Strike Fighter (Eidos, 1997) summary by Bill Graham: The first method is to assign real or. A accurate heightmap generator for Cities: Skylines. Application: https://cities.heightmap.space. Objective. The goal is to get a accurate height map for Cities: Skyline. Current features. Height resolution 0.1 meters (cities resolution = 0.015 meters at 1:1 scale). Easy to use interface. takes a 18 x 18 km square from a map. Can produce png and raw images Height Map Editor is a program meant for editing, generating and manipulating height maps (terrains) that can be used in terrain rendering engines, or even as clouds

I've already generated a height map using the midpoint displacement algorithm and saved it to a texture. I have some ideas for how to turn that into a texture of normals, but some feedback would be much appreciated. My height texture is currently a 257 x 257 gray-scale image (height values are scaled for visibility purposes) How to generate google earth height maps? Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by williamparrilla, Sep 30, 2015

Your browser does not support the <canvas> element. Replace it first FREE - terrain party - height map generator from anywhere in the world... It always starts you off in Norway. If you have a zip code area you want to start in, then select the magnifying glass, enter the zip code and it twill take you there. Hold down on that selection and move it around

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Normal Map online can be sued to create normal, displacement, ambient occlusion and specular maps from a simple height map image. Texture Generator Online is used for creating simple procedural textures like patterns, noises, terrain and more. While both tools are easy to use, you can see both of them in action in the video below. You can also learn more by clicking the question mark icons. Height Map Editor is a tiny and portable software application designed to help you create, edit and save height maps, which are 2D representations of 3D terrains. It comes loaded with some handy.. Distonia and Gallionia Height Maps for World Painter. Environment / Landscaping Map. 8. 2. VIEW. KaligarPrime 07/27/20 • posted 07/23/2020. 1.5k 145 4. x 8. HeightMap River for World Painter. Environment / Landscaping Map. 5. 5. VIEW . Toryar - OGC • 07/22/2020. 1.1k 301. x 8. Worldpainter brushes | Forest brushes | 44 Different heightmaps. Environment / Landscaping Map. 30. 13. VIEW. Use Procedural Height Map Generator and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality To create a normal map out of the height map, a normal map generator needs to be used. Current versions of Photoshop include one by default, third party plugins are available for Gimp or Paint.NET. Note that whether normal maps should be flipped depends on the specific models used. Baking textures . Like diffuse maps, normal maps can also be baked. Instead of a height map, the normal map.

I do have a question in regards to importing height maps. Now I have a height map that has been created but when I use the image converter under the height map tool the result isn't exactly what my height map indicates. This is rather troublesome as I am using this to generate important data (rivers, biomes/climate, states, burgs, etc) The extent is the area it covers and for which it can return meaningful values. A height map may be unbounded in which case this should return null. Returns: The extent of the height map, or null if it is unbounded. getColour int getColour(int x, int y) Get the colour of the height map at a particular location as a combined RGB value consisting of the red component in bits 16-23, the green. Online heightmap generator for Cities: Skylines Check it: https://cs.heightmap.skydark.pl. Original text by original author below. Objective. The goal is to get a accurate height map for Cities: Skylines. Features. height resolution 0.1 meters (cities resolution = 0.015 meters at 1:1 scale) easy to use interface; takes a 18 x 18 km square from a map In this video, I will show you how to create a displacement map or a height map using Blender 2.8 in a few easy steps. I will also show you how to apply a displacement/height map to a plane in order to place all information on the mesh. Please show your support and click subscribe as 89% of viewers are not subscribed

When the map is rendered, the designer can specify the amount of displacement for each unit of the height channel, which corresponds to the contrast of the image. Heightmaps can be stored by themselves in existing grayscale image formats, with or without specialized metadata , or in specialized file formats such as Daylon Leveller , GenesisIV and Terragen documents Generates a world map with towns, dungeons, and countries. Run the ultimate open-world game in just a single click. Kassoon The advanced world generation lets you fine-tune the type of world you'd like to generate, if you'd prefer lots of islands or more of a pangaea, adjust the climate, elevation, populations, etc. Play around, you'll get the hang of it. A note on hamlets: hamlets and.

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Now that you have a 2-D map indexing each point to its nearest neighbor i, you need to walk across every x,y point on the map and calculate its height. To do that for a given point x,y, first grab its nearest neighbor i and stick that into a list, then collect all contiguous regions on the Voronoi diagram A height map is simply a grayscale image like the one we are going to use: This image will now be used to generate our ground, using the different variants of gray of our picture. This image is the elevation data for your ground. Each pixel's color is interpreted as a distance of displacement or height from the floor of your mesh

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  1. Found a free height map generator, take a look! Hey Friends! I know a lot of us use terrain.party to import real world data, but what about just a good random starting point
  2. A heightmap should be a greyscale image, with white areas representing the high areas of your texture and black representing the low areas. Here's a typical albedo map and a heightmap to match. An albedo colour map, and a heightmap to match. From left to right in the above image: 1. A rocky wall material with albedo assigned, but no normalmap or heightmap. 2. The normal assigned. Lighting is modified on the surface, but rocks do not occlude each other. 3. The final effect with normalmap.
  3. Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/Addons/MapEditor/Heightmaps/. 9. Open up Cities:Skylines and go to the Tools menu. 10. Then Map Editor, New. 11. Select the theme that you'd like to give the map. 12.Select Import Heightmap once the map editor is open

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You are now ready to generate your Height Map. In the center of Candle, at the bottom, you will see that you can select Open, Reset or Probe. Press Probe now. This will begin the height mapping, your CNC will move during this process but the spindle will not turn on. Once the map is complete you will see some rainbow colors show up in a grid on your project such as the one at the one at the. Terrain tools that affect height, such as Raise or Lower Terrain and Set Height, use a grayscale texture called a heightmap. You can also use 3D modelling applications, such as Houdini and World Machine, to generate Terrain, then import your Terrain into Unity as a heightmap. It's good practice to store heightmaps as RAW files. A RAW file uses a 16-bit grayscale format that is compatible. Make custom maps. Import & analyze data with advanced visualization tools. Get started with a free account today. No credit card required

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Der Heightmap Creator erstellt mit wenigen Mausklicks eine Height- und Colormap. Der Heightmap Creator bearbeitet gleichzeitig zwei Maps, zum einem die Heightmap (Höhenwerte) und die Colormap (für die Farben). Wird zum Beispiel mit der Farbe 'Rot' gemalt wird auf der Heightmap anstelle von Rot mit dem entsprechendem Graustufenwert gezeichnet. Die Maps können natürlich auch getrennt bearbeitet werden. Mit den integrierten Generatoren kann mit einem Klick die Maps erzeugt werden. The height map generator is available online here. The picture above was after exporting with WorldPainter. Progress: 100% complete: Tags: Land Structure. Create an account or sign in to comment. 1. 04/06/2017 12:41 am. Level 12: Journeyman Miner. _nyancat. bump. tools/tracking. 3927183. 2. simple-heightmap-generator . Join Planet Minecraft! We're a community of creatives sharing everything. How to generate a height map with CloudCompare. This should give you the basics to generate a heat map of height for a 3D model (in this case a fossil dinosaur footprint), using CloudCompare ( One of my top choices of freely available software *). I'm going to assume you have a model correctly scaled, but not necessarily oriented to any specific. The map width and height allows to generate maps with finite resources and area. It is possible to limit generation in only direction, alike the ribbon world. The difficulty settings allow to change the recipe/technology difficulty and multiply the technology cost. Currently, setting the technology difficulty does not have an effect in vanilla A popular way of generating a custom texture for a height map is to combine parts of other source textures in such a way that the resulting texture maps directly to the features of the height map. For example, a snow texture could be used for the peaks of mountains, a rock texture for high altitudes not covered in snow, a grass texture for areas below the mountains, a sand texture for lower beach like areas, and a water texture for the lowest points on the map. This article will consider.

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There are many advanced algorithms to generate terrains; I am using a very simple solution for the purpose of this project. In a nutshell, I used a 32 x 32 grayscale bitmap to represent a height-field that is used to generate the terrain. The terrain itself is divided into a grid of height values, the result of which is a mesh representing the terrain in the scene With the help of our generator creating html imagemaps is free and easy. Simply start by selecting an image from your pc, or load one directly from an external website. Next up create your hot areas using either rectangle, circle or polygon shapes. Creating these shapes is as easy as pointing and clicking on your image. Don't forget to enter a link, title and target for each of them. Then once you're finished simply click Show Me The Code Geomorphic map generator web app for role-playing enthusiasts. Created by web designer and puzzle author David Millar. Dave's Mapper Blog. About Us. 1nfinite zer0 Amanda Michaels Benjamin Wenham Billdakat Brutus Motor Bryan Meadows bygrinstow Culture20 Dakin & Lorna Burdick Danilo Montauriol David Brawley David J Rust David Millar Dominic Toghill Draconian Rogue Dyson Logos EricMTGCast.

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  1. g and Climate Change
  2. Size Code. This allows artists to copy reference codes for later use, rather than having to reënter the values every time
  3. To generate your own height maps there are a number of terrain generation programs that are available such as World Machine and Terragen. You can also use noise filters available in many painting programs such as Photoshop to create height maps. And finally you can write your own height map generator using algorithms such as Perlin Noise to produce fairly realistic terrain. Setup.txt. One of.
  4. Small (and dirty ;) ) script to convert grayscale heightmaps to stl models. Usable for landscapes or terrain prints. Supported Image Formats: GIF, PNG (preferred), JPEG, BMP Update: New version release
  5. Current generator capable of generating simple, naive projections (treats each pixel as 1 square km), which causes some distortion. I'm working on the anti-distortion generator engine currently. I've generated the map of the whole earth (43200 x 21600 pixel), and made it available in a downscaled version (4320 x 2160) here (4 MB). Generator.
  6. With the 3D Map Generator - Terrain you can easily create a grayscale heightmap and then generate a 3D terrain out of it.The extensive features of our plugin are real time savers for creatives who want to create professional and high-quality maps in no time

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  1. Unity Technologies. Joined: May 5, 2015. Posts: 4,828. The GIMP normalmap plugin has the ability to do this, its the Convert to height option. https://code.google.com/p/gimp-normalmap/. karl_jones, Jun 12, 2015. #2
  2. Map Projection: SquareMercatorTransverse MercatorIcosahedralMollweideSinusoidalSphericalAnimated GlobePolar OrthographicPolar StereographicPolar Gnomonic. Map Palette: OlssonMogensenAtlasAntiqueBarrenMartianChthonianGreyscaleLandmask. % Water: ( 0 - 100 ) % Ice: ( 0 - 100 ) Image Height
  3. 3D Map Generator - Atlas - From Heightmap to real 3D map - V1.3 - 1 March 19 - GraphicRiver - Free download. The 3D Map-Generator - Atlas uses the Photoshop internal 3D engine and now finally lives up to it's name. Together with the advanced tools of its predecessor TERRAIN in combination with the heightmapper it is unbeatably the best 3D Map Generator. Update v1.4: - bug.
  4. Map creator. This map creator tool will allow you to the create a whole world of your own design using well over 1400 different images. I included natural parts for the inner landscape, like forests, mountains and hills. All of these elements can be dragged around if you enable this feature

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Height Maps: Generate Custom Cities or Landscapes with PD Howler. Add to Cart Add License In Cart Purchased $24.95. NEW. Add to Cart Add License In Cart Purchased $24.95. Artist: Digital Art Live. Compatible Figures: N/A. Install Types: DIM Manual Install SKU: 81031. Artist: Digital Art Live. Compatible Figures: N/A Install Types: DIM Manual Install SKU: 81031. Details. In this searchable and. Creating the Height Map. Open GIMP and then open the diffuse texture that you want to generate the height map from. In this example we will start with the brick texture that was included at the top of the article. Select Image> Mode> Grayscale from the menu. Now we need to decide how to color this image In this tutorial, you have created a program that generated and rendered a terrain height map to an image file. You have colored the image with a realistic color gradient and applied an artificial light source to it. You've also rendered two height maps and seamlessly joined them together, creating a larger image 1. Uninstall your 3D Map Generator - Terrain plugin from your computer (Read the PDF instructions) 2. Login to your envato account, go to your envato download section and download the item archive again 3. Unzip and install the extension as described (PDF). Now you're up to date Question: How to generate/export a Height Map out of Substance Painter? On export it is just a grey plane? There does not seem to be an option for generating a height map? Any hints? < > Showing 1-8 of 8 comments . ммм, тортик v2.0. Nov 6, 2016 @ 9:39am At least in Designer you can (Normal to Height node). Don't know how in Painter..


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SmartNormap 2.0 - Smart-Page.ne Generally height is shown in a combination of three concepts: contours, colouring and shading. There is not much height data available from OSM, due to the poor vertical accuracy of GPS units compared to both their horizontal accuracy and the better height data available from other sources. Accurate spot heights, for example mountain summits, are often available from other sources, but wide-scale height data sufficient for making profiles of mountains are simply infeasible to gather by.

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Free Online Google Sitemap Generator. XML-sitemaps.com provides free online sitemap generator service, creating an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing and other search engines to help them crawl your website better. It will also generate an HTML site map to allow your website visitors to navigate easier Learn how to create height maps inside Blender and how to use them for several effects in this tutorial by Fernan. Hope you like this way I use to generate Height maps A heightmap is a 2D image which encodes the terrain height at each texel. The whiter the texel color, the higher the terrain. Most terrain generator programs allow users to export heightmaps that are usable in the Cities: Skylines Map Editor. The required heightmap dimensions are 1081px x 1081px Free topographic maps visualization and sharing. England Topographic maps > United Kingdom > England > England. Click on the map to display elevation. England, United Kingdom (52.79548-.54024) Share this map on... About this map. Name: England topographic map, elevation, relief. Coordinates: 49.67400 -6.70475 55.91700 2.09191. Minimum elevation: 0 ft. Maximum elevation: 3,114 ft. Average.

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Now you should have a nice looking height map and maybe even some lakes in some area, but you might have noticed that this is not an island. Luckily making it into an island is quite simple by the use of a mask. Island Mask. So far our island isn't looking very island-like. It is fair to say a criteria to being an island is being surrounded by a body of water. This is where a mask can be used. Making height maps in Blender. The steps to follow are: Make the mesh UV map; Set the Shading settings; Set the Baking settings; Bake the height map; Make the mesh UV map. First of all your mesh needs to have a UV map for this technique to work. If you need to make it, you can follow the guidelines given in these tutorials Enable users to find you using a map to get directions. This tool generates HTML you can paste into your website to display a map in an iframe. Customize a map to embed in your website. Customize Options. Map Size. Small (325 x 280px) Large (500 x 400px) Custom (Min: 250px, Max: 800px) width: px. height: px. Map Types. Static map (better for slower connections) Draggable map (ability to.

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Procedural Height Map Generator. Use Procedural Height Map Generator and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality Depth Map Creator is a software utility with a pretty self-explanatory name, as it allows users to create depth maps, which contain information related to the distances between different surfaces Chuck Trafagander Creates a Leaf Height Map, the Start of a Complete Leaf Generator in Designer. There is no doubt that substance designer is a fantastic kit that can create anything that your heart desires. If you are hung up on the technical bits for building elements, you might want to check out Chuck Trafagander's Get Learnt channel. Trafagander posts the ultimate series that.

Beautiful Python: A Simple ASCII Art Generator from ImagesThe Skyforge Minecraft MapThe Skylines Planning Guide: Map: Two Rivers

Height Custom link Another way to create a map, is to use the Google Maps generator. Why Embed Maps In The First Place. Embedding maps into your website is one of the most advisable choices you could possibly make depending on the sort of site you are trying to run. If you are running a website for your business, for a travel agency, for a real estate firm, or really just anything that. The 3D Map-Generator - Atlas uses the Photoshop internal 3D engine and now finally lives up to it's name. Together with the advanced tools of its predecessor TERRAIN in combination with the heightmapper it is unbeatably the best 3D Map Generator. Watch the demo videos Update History January 30, 2021 - Free Update v1.4.2 - fixed Photoshop cc-2021 issues - added missing 3D lights April 21. I usually take pictures of the stuff I map, so I have used some guesstimates to determine heights. I.e. I have a picture of a building im trying to map: It has a door, I assume the door is 2.2m high. Measure the height of the door in cm/pixels, Calculate how many real life meters a cm/pixel on the picture is

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